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Polyester cotton blended yarn

2020-04-26 15:44:45
Polyester cotton blended yarn

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Product name: Polyester cotton blended yarn

Polyester cotton blended yarn is a kind of blended yarn, which is made of different combinations of polyester staple fiber raw cotton. Compared with ordinary cotton yarn, polyester cotton blended yarn has higher tensile strength, high elasticity, washability wear resistance. In addition, the soft comfortable features of polyester cotton blended yarn make it suitable for the production of high-end clothing, high-end sportswear, automotive seat fabrics textiles.

We also provide high-performance polyester cotton blended yarn with yarn count 15 to 40. For example, combed cotton fiber knotless yarn provide other functions for our yarn. In terms of the characteristics of combed cotton, the cotton fiber is specially treated combed before spinning into yarn. When carding cotton, use a fine brush to remove the short cotton fiber any remaining impurities, make the fiber into a flat fiber bundle in the same direction. In this process, about 15% of the fibers will be removed, the rest are long straight fibers which are flat aligned.

After that, the combed cotton yarn our polyester staple fiber are blended spun into yarn. The combed cotton of our T / C blended yarn is very flexible suitable for the production of high-end clothing, high-end sportswear high-end home textile fabrics textiles.


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