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Domestic high grade cotton gap large medium-sized Cotton Association calls for appropriate opening of cotton quota

2017-08-29 13:50:24

Recently, with the large-scale listing of new cotton, cotton textile enterprises generally reflect that this year's cotton quality is poor high-grade spinning yarn resources are scarce, while the cost of middle low-grade spinning yarn is competitive with India Pakistan yarn. Textile enterprises are in a dilemma. Textile enterprises purchase cotton cautiously cautiously, the price advantage of cotton is obvious, cotton farmers' enthusiasm for cotton planting is frustrated.

According to the enterprises, this year's cotton production in the mainland has been greatly reduced, a large number of ginners in the mainland have been closed down. "The second reason for the price is that the ginners do receive cotton at all." Said the head of a textile enterprise.

At the same time, the situation of Xinjiang cotton is optimistic. According to the public inspection report, Xinjiang cotton has high clone value, short fiber length, its spinnability is significantly lower than last year. The decline of cotton quality year by year is conducive to the quality assurance of cotton textiles, the transformation upgrading of enterprises, but also endangers the healthy sustainable development of the industry. In the long run, cotton farmers abandoned cotton cotton enterprises rejected cotton.

For the current domestic cotton market situation, the relevant directors of China Cotton Textile Industry Association believe that in the long run, we should actively guide cotton farmers to grow high-quality cotton, meet market demand, ensure the income of cotton farmers, but also make the price of cotton in line with international standards, realize the smooth consumption channels of cotton, as well as "the government guarantees the income of cotton farmers textile supports the sustainable development of cotton" The virtuous circle of. However, the current situation, it is difficult to improve the quality of domestic cotton, which also means that there will be a large gap of high-grade cotton in the domestic market in 2016, the import quota will become the focus of attention of textile enterprises.

China cotton textile industry association suggested that, judging the principle of cotton quota distribution in previous years, it is difficult to liberalize the general trade quota, but it has high operability to liberalize the processing trade quota implement the application system, which only realizes the government's regulation of cotton supply demand, but also ensures the export advantage of China's textiles, which is an effective measure in the short term.


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