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Challenges opportunities in the construction of Chinas textile testing market

2017-07-06 18:25:38

In recent years, due to the economic recession in the United States Europe, China's textile exports have been seriously affected, the business volume of testing institutions engaged in import export textile testing has declined sharply, which has forced them to turn to the domestic testing market.

At present, 1 / 2 of China's textile testing market is occupied by foreign testing institutions. How to survive develop textile testing institutions in the new situation?

At present, market integration at home abroad has become a historical development trend, but there are various trade protection, trade barriers other factors in the world at the same time. In recent years, due to the economic recession in the United States Europe, China's textile exports have been seriously affected, the business volume of testing institutions engaged in import export textile testing has declined dramatically, which has to make them turn to domestic Test the market.

It is also reported that at present, 1 / 2 of China's textile testing market share is occupied by foreign testing institutions. China is a large textile testing country. In the textile testing market, China's commodity inspection, quality inspection fiber inspection system testing institutions account for 45%, domestic private commerce third-party notarization testing only account for 5%, half of them are owned by foreign testing institutions. At present, SGS, MTL other international testing institutions have initially completed the commercial distribution work in China. In 2006, the textile testing income of these two companies in China alone exceeded 600 million yuan. On the other hand, due to the lack of testing institutions, the product testing rate in the domestic textile market is less than 50%. At present, China's textile testing market capacity is only about 2 billion yuan. With the continuous development improvement of China's market economy, there are huge business opportunities in the national mandatory testing, commercial testing entrusted testing markets. Therefore, under the current situation, there are both challenges opportunities for domestic textile testing institutions!

In view of this situation, we should take building an international advanced testing institution as the goal, limited to the domestic market of the region, constantly expand the testing field scope, constantly expand our overall strength, comprehensively improve ourselves, so as to make the testing institution small to large, weak to strong. Just as the saying goes, thinking determines the way out, how far the vision is, how wide the road of development is. Striving for "domestic first class, international advanced" has always been the goal of our center.

For the survival development of testing institutions, it is the key to strengthen the construction of testing institutions

1. First of all, ensure the quality of data reports. The test report is the product of the testing organization. The quality of the product of course directly affects the survival development of an enterprise. Under the market economy system, there is no excellent testing technology level, no unique testing advantage, no good social reputation, no survival basis source of life for the testing organization. Therefore, the testing agency should pay enough attention to every report issued. Textiles are different general industrial products. On the one hand, they cover a wide range of disciplines such as machinery, biology, materials, chemistry optics. On the other hand, they directly affect the human body. The safety of products is related to people's life health. As one of the developed regions of China's textile industry, our province has many enterprises products, Therefore, the inspection institutions should increase the retraining relearning of the inspection personnel, constantly improve their business level, strengthen the introduction training of the inspection personnel, give full play to their own advantages of the inspection projects, make them make brands, increase the opportunities for communication between brother inspection institutions, so that the two sides can complement each other's advantages learn each other, so as to achieve common improvement. Whether we can ensure high-quality testing report is a severe test for our testing organization. We should make a hundred times effort to provide high-quality services for the enterprise.

2. Take advantage of the opportunity of supervision sampling inspection to strengthen their own construction development. Supervision spot check is one of the effective monitoring means after the products are put on the market. Through the sampling inspection of the production, circulation use of the listed products the inspection of the key items, the quality problems of the listed products can be found in time the fake inferior products can be combated. Since 2005, our testing organization has completed more than 500 batches of provincial, municipal county-level sweater yarn product quality supervision random inspection tasks. Through strengthening the supervision sampling inspection work, the announcement system of unqualified products has formed a deterrent to illegal enterprises. While doing a good job of supervision sampling inspection, our center actively cooperates with product quality supervision law enforcement personnel, explores the random inspection methods for different links of sweater production, circulation use, actively extends assistance to enterprises with problems. New problems situations will appear in every supervision sampling inspection task. For example, the continuous emergence of new textile fibers increases the difficulty of fiber qualitative quantitative, requires testing institutions to constantly update fiber detection technology, actively invest in the development of new methods standards. In 2006, our center applied for the research project "development of new textile fiber detection methods", the published papers won the third prize of national quality supervision system paper award; With the continuous development of the new sweater processing technology, the testing standard lags behind. The testing organization is required to explore scientific reasonable testing methods for the new processing technology. For this reason, our center actively participated in the preparation revision of the standards of semi combed wool knitting yarn semi worsted wool knitwear; The continuous emergence of new functional sweater clothing has increased the testing pressure of relevant testing institutions, the testing standards are always lagging behind the launch of new products. Therefore, testing institutions should actively establish good cooperation with enterprises, learn each other help each other. At the same time of serving the enterprise, our center has also been well trained improved, increasing the enterprise's confidence in my inspection organization.

China is a big country in textile production marketing. We are at the forefront of the world in terms of new materials, new functions new technologies. Therefore, we should also have reason, ability opportunity to lead the world in the field of textile testing.

3. Learn international experience. While performing the responsibility of product inspection, on the one hand, actively strive to participate in international domestic standardization organization activities, track the development trend of international, national industrial standards, actively organize research transformation. At the same time, please come in go out to learn international experience. Actively participate in the formulation revision of industry standards. In the past few years, our center has organized completed the formulation revision of two industry standards for woolen knitwear, which has promoted the development of our province's woolen sweater industry. To expand the scope of testing field, our center is one of the few testing institutions with the qualification of import export commodity inspection appraisal institution in the same scale, which only increases the testing scale, but also increases the self-confidence popularity of the institution, which is conducive to the international trend of testing institutions.

Understand the situation of international testing field

China's textile export has been restricted by the inspection of textile safety standards for a long time, domestic safety standards need to be strengthened urgently. Jiangsu Economic Trade Commission reported on October 7 that in recent years, the inspection of textile safety standards, which has been plaguing China's textile garment export, has become a hot topic in the industry. Xia Youfu, a professor of the University of foreign economic trade, said at the 2008 China (Wuxi) international business association cooperation forum that China's export trade should only consider the price quality of products, but also pay attention to product safety, environmental protection, corporate social responsibility scientific technological progress. Technical barriers to trade, which focus on product safety environmental protection in the process of production, have become important non-tariff barriers restricting the development of China's export trade.

At present, China's textile garment export enterprises usually strictly control the quality of products, but pay less attention to product safety environmental protection. Especially since the outbreak of the subprime crisis, the demand of the U.S. market has declined, the supporting role of the European Union in China's textile clothing exports has become increasingly prominent. Now, Europe pays attention to the detection of textile ecological environment protection, which also has an important impact on China's textile exports. In addition to Oeko texstandard100, an authoritative international ecological label for textiles, which has been widely used in northern Europe, Western Europe, Japan the United States, limits the content of more than 100 harmful substances such as azo free formaldehyde in import export clothing, the European Union reach (registration, evaluation) has been implemented since June 1, 2007, Authorization restriction of chemicals (registration, evaluation, permission restriction of chemicals) Regulations are more concerned by the domestic textile industry. However, the directive on restricting the sale use of PFOS (PFOS directive), which came into force on June 27, 2008, stipulates that the PFOS content in the finished products sold in the EU market cannot exceed 0.005% of the total mass.

The domestic textile market is the soil for the survival of testing institutions. The prosperity of the market determines the survival development of testing institutions. At present, ecology environmental protection are internationally recognized responsibilities that enterprises must perform. Now, international restrictions on the export of commodities have extended simple products to semi-finished products, raw materials, production processes, etc. whether they are ecological, environmental protection, whether they are Adhere to sustainable development, so our testing institutions should actively explore in the field of ecological environmental protection testing, reasonably guide the prosperity of the textile market. In order to improve the security system of China's textiles, the state has also issued some corresponding measures.

In February 2008, the national standard for the determination of pesticide residues in textiles was issued, which provides a basis for the detection of ecological textiles in China. However, in terms of the current effect, the strength of laws regulations is far enough. This requires the testing institutions to try their best to be in line with the international standards, methods technologies, testing instruments other aspects. At present, the domestic also gradually attaches importance to strengthens the testing research work of ecological textiles.


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