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In September 2015, Chinas Cotton Yarn Import increased slightly

2017-03-09 18:30:48

According to the historical data released by the General Administration of customs, January to September 2015, China imported 1825100 tons of cotton yarn, an increase of 24.41% year on year; exported 266800 tons of cotton yarn, a decrease of 20.52% year on year.

According to the new statistics of the General Administration of customs, in September 2015, China imported 217800 tons of cotton yarn, an increase of 4.90% month on month 25.19% year on year.

In addition, the export volume of cotton yarn was 25500 tons, down 8.46% on a month on month basis, down 25.44% on a year-on-year basis; the net import volume was 192400 tons, up 6.96% on a month on month basis, up 37.56% on a year-on-year basis.

With the large-scale picking of cotton, the new lint is gradually listed. What are the opinions of textile enterprises on the listed new cotton? Can they accept the price quality? What is the enthusiasm of purchasing? Through the interview with the market textile enterprises, the summary is as follows:

1、 Inland cotton: this year, the total output of cotton in most cotton growing areas in the mainland has decreased, the cotton quality in some provinces cities, such as Shandong, Hubei, Henan, Anhui, Shaanxi so on, is acceptable, with a length of about 28mm; the color grade is generally between white cotton light point pollution cotton, light point pollution cotton is the main cotton, but the horse value is high, with C2 as the majority. At present, only 32 pieces of combed cotton yarn can be spun in the mainland, which has little attraction for textile enterprises.

In recent years, the price difference between domestic cotton yarn foreign cotton yarn has been increasing. At present, the middle low-grade cotton yarn is 3000-5000 yuan / ton higher than that of foreign countries, domestic weaving factories prefer to use imported yarn with higher cost performance. The upgrading transformation of domestic textile enterprises the low price of imported cotton compared with domestic cotton make most textile enterprises optimistic about the sales of cotton in the mainland this year, the price may be further lowered on the basis of the current price.

2、 Xinjiang cotton: Xinjiang cotton is the current mainstream of domestic cotton market sales procurement. In the early stage of this year's acquisition, the length horse value of Xinjiang cotton are satisfactory. It can be divided into local corps cotton. the current situation of seed cotton purchased by cotton enterprises local new cotton purchased by textile enterprises, it is far lower than the market expectation. In terms of length, the average length of fine wool cotton in South Xinjiang is slightly lower than 27mm, the length above 28mm accounts for less than one third of the total output in South Xinjiang; the length of fine wool in North Xinjiang is slightly better than that in South Xinjiang, with an average length of about 28mm. In terms of horse value, it is generally on the high side in both South North Xinjiang, so it is difficult to spin medium high count yarn. BINGTUAN Cotton: textile enterprises generally reflect that the quality of BINGTUAN Cotton is relatively stable, each quality index basically conforms to the cotton standard index, which can be relatively safe assured.


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