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Chinas textile industry said its development momentum remained unchanged. In the first half of the year, industry investment increased by 12.6%

2016-12-07 14:50:15

When talking about China's economic crisis, which has been a hot topic in recent financial news, Xu Yingxin, vice president of the textile industry branch of China Council for the promotion of international trade, said that although China is going through the stage of economic normalization, the textile industry is still full of vitality, it will continue the development momentum started in the previous years.

Xu Yingxin made the above remarks while attending TEXWORLD exhibition apparel sourcing exhibition in Paris. The latter is jointly organized by Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd. China Council for the promotion of international trade textile industry branch. "Of course, we face change challenges: we are at a crossroads of transformation reorganization," he said. But we are a rapid growth stage to a more stable stage, the textile industry still recorded 6-7% growth in the first half of the year. So we have been growing steadily. ".

To prove his claim, Xu also cited a series of data. In the first half of June, industry investment increased by 12.6%. The 5.4% drop in exports was due to the downturn in Japanese European markets, he said. This reduction did prevent the industry recording an average growth of 5%.

"At the same time, I would like to emphasize that the performance of high-tech textiles is extremely significant," Xu said. Sales rose 13.3% in the first half, while profits rose 4%. So it's growing even more. ".

In terms of sales, he hopes to eliminate the untruth about the decline in demand. In the first half of the year, sales of shoes clothing recorded a growth of 10.6%. Over the same period, online sales even recorded a 28.7% increase.

"Our goal now, as in the past, is to continue to improve product quality, improve factory technology carry out key investment, especially in automation production," he concluded. We also hope to have more Chinese brands, which is a key to our development. We now have many brands, but the Chinese have a dream: to enter the overseas market have a high place in the international market. ".


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